Next Gig in me Lounge - 

Next Gig in me Lounge - 

Next Gig in me Lounge - 


    After two horrible relapses with my MS, the second one being particularly rough, I was complaining to Pete, he of The Payroll Union fame about being unable to see many gigs about town.


    Ah, said he, Jim Ghedi is doing gigs in lounges so you should ask him to come play at your house.

    And so it was born.

    A quick chat with a few other good chaps I know, James Lock and artist Sampa and I had a poet and an artist onboard and so was able to give the fledgling dynasty a name...

"Gig in me Lounge"

Jim Ghedis




Tom Baxendale


Greg S. Davies


Ash Gray


Something the Dog Dragged In


The Payroll Union


Ash Gray and Jen Webster


Ian Bramall and Sarah Sharp


Jack Unsworth


Dead Melodies


Arcane Valley




Gemma Gray


Nick Wheeldon

Jo Pearson


Dave Winspeare

Sarah Morrey

Richard Harrison

James Lock


Benjamin Dorey


Andy Owen Cook

Sampa Malenga

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Lynne Chapman

Gigs in your Lounge

(An article in Now Then Magazine)

     Perhaps I should start this piece by saying that thanks to these gigs in me lounge I’ve been getting my fill of music, poetry and art about once a fortnight all for the price of one small gig (which is actually pretty much £zero by the way, cos it’s me lounge).  

This is the equivalent of an Arts five-a-day fruit habit, leaving me a happy soul,capable of suffering the slings and arrows from this ConDem government.


    I could begin this article by explaining the benefits of having small gatherings like this where I get to listen to the music I like in an intimate setting and after a few goodbyes I’m able to climb a short flight of stairs to my blessed bed (damn, evidence it would appear that shows I am aging into my father’s slippers). Maybe I should start by sprinkling a few platitudes on the wonderful Jim Ghedis, Ash Gray, Tom Baxendale and other local musicians that have played these private concerts as well as Word Life poets such as James Lock and Ben Dorey delivering their latest verses.


     I’ve also had Sampa Mulenga kindly drawing the musicians for me keeping an artistic record of the proceedings.  I’m sure that would go down well with them at least.


I could even wax lyrical about the benefits of not having to go to some trendy bar or club to half hear a band that I was only half interested in seeing anyway (see above about father’s shoes).

No more pricey gigs listening to musicians better suited to Radio2 for me. This is my one man fight back against the corporate elites - I’m taking them down one lounge gig at a time.


But, in fact the truth is that each of these openings wouldn’t do justice to having these gigs in me lounge.


     They are a bizarre and fantastic way to have an evening’s entertainment and with the Spring now upon us they will be migrating outdoors and evolving into “Gigs in me Garden”.

In the past I’ve thought that some gigs are more expensive than they’re worth and this is a nice way to re-engage with the local “music scene”. It allows musicians to play new tracks or maybe try something that usually gets relegated to the b-side.


     I’ve since looked around and there are a number of similar events like this happening up and down the country, so it would appear that I have simply plucked this idea from the ether rather than thinking of it for myself (check out “gig in your house” on Facebook and House Gig


     I’ll finish by saying that there are a lot of interesting and talented musicians across Sheffield just waiting to either be discovered or wanting to play music for you and your friends. It only requires opening up your house for an evening and after a bit of organisation you too will have your very own gig in me lounge.

     I feel like I’ve stumbled on a way of getting a bit of money directly into musicians hands by way of a sublime night’s gigs. So give it a go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprized at the quality of the music, the clarity of the poetry and the fun that can be had by doing things a bit differently.     

     Just remember to invite me to the next one.